Setting My Friend Free

If you have never been in jail before, you really have no idea how horrible it actually is.  You are not able to do anything but sit around and sleep, really, and you are served some of the worst food that has ever been known to man.  This is why, when my best friend called me from jail, I wasted absolutely no time in finding a company that sells Lackawanna County bail bonds in order to make sure that I got him out of jail as soon as I possibly could.  I did not want to let my friend rot in that place until his court date, but I also did not have enough money to cover his bail completely myself.  This meant that a bail bond was my best bet, as I would only have to pay about ten percent of the actual bail price in order to have him released immediately.

I went on the internet right away in order to see if I could find a company that would get this going for me right away so that I could get him out of jail as soon as possible.  In a time like this, it is nice to know that you have people who will be willing to work for you in order to make sure that your loved ones are back in their homes as quickly as possible, and that was exactly what I found with the bail bond company that I ended up doing business with.

I went ahead and paid the ten percent of the bail and my friend was released within a matter of hours.  Now it is just a matter of finding him a good lawyer in order to make sure that he can stay out of jail for good.